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DD Nail Lacquer Valholo Collection Part 2

I’m very excited to show you this collection today. This is the Valholo Part 2 Collection. The first part was released towards the beginning of the year, and is still available here. The 4 polishes that make up this part are absolutely stunning! April, who is the creative genius at work behind DD Nail Lacquer’s, has really outdone herself this time!

Pink City
Pink City is a pink mauve creme with a subtle holo shimmer. This is the very girly shade of the collection and is a day or night appropriate polish. My swatches show 2 coats with OTD top coat. 

Holo Purps
Holo Purps is a bright vibrant purple with a fun scattered holo effect. This shade is perfect for a girls night out! My swatches show 2 coats with OTD top coat. 

Sea of Valholo
Sea of Valholo is a teal jelly with a strong linear holo. I don’t even know where to start with this one. It’s perfect. Awesomely beautiful perfect. You just can’t go wrong! This is 2 amazingly perfect coats with OTD top coat. 

Holo’d be Thy Name
Holo’d be Thy Name is a chocolate cherry linear holo. Somewhat brick red, somewhat maroon, but all chocolate cherry. That makes it sound as good as it looks! 2 coats with OTD top coat.

Pros: Amazingly smooth formula with zero application problems. Goes on smoothly with virtually no clean up needed. With a variety of colors there is certain to be something for everyone. 5 free, cruelty free, and vegan.

Cons: Let me get back to you on that. I’ve got nothing. 🙂

My Thoughts: DD Nail Lacquer is a relatively new indie brand that has proven their value by consistently releasing collections even better than the last. Having been fortunate enough to review their polishes since their initial release, I can say I truly enjoy working with this brand and sharing their gorgeous high quality creations with you. 

This collection releases Wednesday, August 5. The Valholo Part 1 collection, the Valholo Part 2 collection, or the entire 8 piece collection will be available for purchase. Special pricing of any 6 bottles for $50 or any 4 bottles for $35, allows you to easily mix and match to get just the colors you want. 

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Do you have a favorite from this collection?
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Until next time, stay polished!