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Nail Art ~ Review: Born Pretty Store Water Decals

I recently received these water decals from Born Pretty Store to try. I loved the colors and designs on these, and was eager to give them a try. So let’s jump right in to the review.

These decals that I picked out are called the Blooming Flower Nail Art Water Decals, and the pattern is BP-W19. These sheets are divided into 4 sections with each section being enough to do about 5 nails. Now with this being my first time using water decals, looking over the instructions was a natural first step. Well be prepared for the instructions to not be of much help…

Luckily I had the instructions on other water decals and had read other blog posts regarding these that I was able to wing it. 🙂

I started by painting my middle and ringer finger with Square Hue iPolish, my new favorite white. I put 3 coats of my corresponding color, Sinful Shine Spitfire, on my index and pinky nails. These particular decals are transparent so you do need a base color, usually white for these. 

Once you have your nails prepped trim down the decals to approximately the size of your nails. Drop them in a small dish of water for 10-20 seconds, until the decal starts to slide easily off the backing. Gently place the decal on your nail and hold while it dries. Once dry it is adhered to your nail and you can top coat just as you normally would. 

Note: A couple of things I ran into with it being my first time trying these; after making a number of my own reverse stamping decals I am accustomed to something thicker than these are. These decals are very thin and a bit flimsy in your fingers, so don’t fold it in on itself 3 different ways before getting it to your nail like I did. Also they can stain your cuticles a bit if you don’t clean off the excess relatively quickly. I took my sweet time and had some difficulty cleaning some remnants of color off my cuticles. 

So now that you have learned from my mistakes you’re all set! Here are some shots of my finished mani…

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Hope you liked today’s post. Have you ever tried water decals before?

Until next time, stay polished!

  • These are my fav water decals ever!!

  • Naked Without Polish

    Not a water decal person, but I do love paisley!!