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Square Hue The Decades Collection 1980

The Square Hue 1980’s Decades Collection 9.15. Probably the most anticipated box of the year. Was it what I expected or was hoping for? No, not for either. When I think of the 80’s I think of bold bright colors. But being so into the fall colors right now I decided to give them a try. 

Vice is a medium high gloss grey creme. When Square Hue says high gloss they really do mean high gloss. I add top coat purely out of habit and it doesn’t do a thing, and for this creme I think it may have actually dulled the finish! The formula on this was great, the perfect consistency, 2 coats for opacity. 

Sierra Sunset
Sierra Sunset is a high gloss reddish orange shimmer polish. The formula on this one was pretty thin and I flooded my cuticles quite a bit. It’s not my favorite color of the collection either, but that’s just my personal choice. 2 coats for opacity. 

Deep Space
Deep Space is a deep shimmer brown with lots of lighter brown and golden shimmer throughout. It’s quite a beautiful fall color and probably my favorite of the three. The formula had a nice consistency and was fully opaque in 2 smooth coats.

So even though they don’t strike me as 80’s colors they do scream for some nail art! 🙂

Here is a simple design using all 3 colors…

And some stamping with some dark grey Handy stamping polish, and UberChic 5-01…

Hope you liked these looks! I love both of the nail art looks. 

Do you subscribe to Square Hue? Here is their website for more info on their sub box ~

Square Hue is now 7-Free Vegan polish, and a portion of all proceeds is donated to a cause, their current cause is human trafficing. They now offer 2 different box options as well. Be sure to go check them out! 

Until next time, stay polished!