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Hit the Bottle Stamping Polish for Beautometry.com

I was recently contacted by Beautometry.com to review Hit the Bottle nail stamping polish. I absolutely love stamping, and have tried many different stamping polish brands but I had never tried Hit the Bottle. I had heard lots about it though, so I was glad to have an opportunity to try it myself. Hit the Bottle is an Australian based brand but with stockists such as Beautometry.com it is easy to get here in the U.S. as well. 

I admit that when faced with new stamping polish my first instinct is ‘Must make all the pretty mani’s.’ but in order to really show how these polishes stamp I knew I had to be a bit more deliberate than that. But no worries, pretty mani’s at the end!

For this review I used MoYou London stamping plate Pro XL-23. I chose this plate because I wanted an image with fairly equal positive and negative aspects.

I started with my Creative Shop stamper but quickly realized that I was getting a better image with my Fab Ur Nails stamper. 

I stamped each color over black (Sinful Colors Black on Black) and white (Square Hue iPolish). All swatches are using the same plate image, the same stamper, and the same base colors. I used the Hit the Bottle Fast Dry Top coat for each. 

Purple Reign
My first reaction with Purple Reign was that it seemed quite thin to be a stamping polish. While its covers okay, it didn’t blow me away either. It looks quite good over the black, but the coverage over white was a bit disappointing. You will also notice in my macro shots that the top coat did smear my stamping a little. I used a nice big bead of top coat gliding very lightly over my stamping, after waiting a minimum of 10 minutes before applying the top coat. 

Poison Apple
Poison Apple had a thicker consistency than Purple Reign so I got a better image but it still wasn’t quite as clear and crisp as I like to see. Once again it looks quite good over black, but unfortunately I still got smearing with the top coat. 

Pool Party
Pool Party is my favorite from these. The consistency was nice and thick and I was pleased with the coverage over white and black. A small amount of smearing with the top coat still, but the majority of it doesn’t show in my macro shot this time. This one looks phenomenal over black!

Blue-tiful is another one with the nice thick consistency I like to see in a stamping polish. I got great coverage over white and black. Still some smearing with the top coat though. 

To sum up I like Pool Party and Blue-tiful, they both offer what I like to see in a good quality stamping polish. Unfortunately Purple Reign didn’t have the formula I like to see in a stamping polish. Poison Apple was nice, but it didn’t blow me away either. The formula across the brand might be a little hit or miss, or you could get better results with a different combination of stampers or plates, some brands can be a little finicky. Are they worth trying for a good stamping polish? Absolutely. I know that many people love them. Unfortunately I have to say I would skip the top coat. It is worth mentioning that Hit the Bottle stamping polishes are 5-free, with there only being a few options for 5-free stamping polishes, this is a big selling point. More and more shoppers are becoming more discerning and looking for healthier options for their beauty care products. 

And now onto the nail art…
Since I had the best results with Pool Party and Blue-tiful a stamping gradient was what I really wanted to do. I started with a grey creme base. Using my FUN stamper and MoYou London Sailor plate #07 I created gradient sea wave patterns, with an alternating pattern on my accent nail. I sealed in the design with HK Girl Glisten & Glow then added a thin coat of MDJ Creations blue tint holo top coat. 

So there you go; nail art as promised. And beautiful crisp, clear lines, with no smearing! 🙂

I hope that you have found this review helpful. Have you used Hit the Bottle stamping polish? What was your experience with it? 

Hit the Bottle, along with many other international brands, are made available readily and easily to those of us in the U.S. via Beautometry.com. 9mL bottles of Hit the Bottle retail for $7.00 on Beautometry.com. Be sure to check them out to see what other gems you can find! 


Hit the Bottle

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Until next time, stay polished!