MOD Lacquer · Nail Polish Swatches

Goodnight, MOD.

Today I bid a fond farewell to one of my original indie loves. We’ve said goodbye to a number of indie brands this year, but none have affected me quite like MOD Lacquer. Having a bad memory, I’m not always able to remember things that other indie lovers can – such as the first indie I ever bought. It was either a Pretty Jelly or a MOD Lacquer or a MDJ Creations, but I can’t narrow it down more than that. What I do know is this; the first full size indie collection I bought was the MOD Lacquer Powdered Confection Collection. To this day I admire them on an almost daily basis. And today, the last MOD Lacquer ever made arrived in my mailbox. I opened the box ever so slowly, knowing all too well what was inside, as if somehow opening that box finalized it. 

What is it about our beloved indie brands that make us feel as if they are long time friends or family? Is it the familiar little logos that adorn their colorful bottles looking down on us from our polish racks on a daily basis? Is it something more personal, like developing friendships with makers over the years? Or is it just our shared passion for polish? Would we feel the same way about our favorite mainstream? 

Regardless of what the reason is these little glass bottles of pretty have the ability to enthrall, entertain, and relax us. 

So today as I wear Goodnight, MOD I think of all those MOD Lacquer’s I never had a chance to buy, and those I did buy who became exponentially more valuable to me quite literally overnight. 

And last, but certainly not least, I think of Jennifer whose vision and creativity brought so much happiness to so many through these little glass bottles. May her next adventure be filled with health and happiness. 

Goodnight, MOD.