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Nail Art ~ Born Pretty Store Sweet Nail Stickers

I have some more cute stickers from Born Pretty Store to show you today. This is one sheet including such things as cartoon elephants, cars, umbrellas, clouds, flowers and more.

Let me start by saying that I chose this particular item as its outside my comfort zone. I like to force myself out of my box sometimes, as that’s part of what makes us better nail artists. So.. *stepping outside the box*.. here we go! 🙂

My first idea for this mani was to start with a soft grey background, but that seemed a bit drab for such cute fun stickers. So I opted for a fun base using Zoya Dot and Zoya Dove.

I had to take some shots of my base for this mani as I felt like it was so cute on its own, I almost didn’t want to cover it up. But once I had some pictures to remember it by I was ready to move on. 

Since there didn’t seem to be a particular theme to these, I just randomly placed them on my nails till I was happy with the overall look.

So this was definitely out of my box, but I’m still pretty happy with how it turned out. Although I still like the base just as is, I may recreate it one day to wear for a while. 🙂

These nail stickers are available here, and lots of additional nail stickers are available here. Don’t forget to use my code THH10 for 10% off your order!

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I hope you liked today’s mani! 

Until next time, stay polished!