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Nail Art ~ TRNA Article of Clothing Mani Challenge

Yay! A nail art post! I usually try to keep a nice balance of nail art and new collection swatches, but as you may have noticed I haven’t managed to do that this last month or more. This week in The Real Nail Addicts one of our weekly challenges sounded like such fun that I just had to carve out some time!

The challenge was to recreate a mani based on a favorite article of clothing. I have a beige tank top that I love, but that would have taken the challenge right out of this challenge, so I went with a bright fun summer top instead. 

After a quick rummage through my blue helmer drawers I came up with Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing, Sinful Colors Sugar Rush, and Sinful Colors Blue Lala for my base colors. And after pulling out a half dozen stamping polishes I was almost ready to go. Here is everything I used for this mani:

Base Polishes:
  • Sinful Colors Sweet Nothings
  • Sinful Colors Sugar Rush
  • Sinful Colors Blue Lala
Stamping Polishes:
  • Handy Turquoise
  • MdU #60 Fantasy
  • MdU #54 Iris
  • MdU #1 White
  • Konad Navy Blue
  • Konad Pale Purple
Infinity plate #115

I started by recreating the base pattern on the shirt. It has kind of a random gradient effect. So using my 3 base polishes I created a radiant with a very random effect across my nails. As you can see it even changes per nail. 

Now it was time to stamp. Again, random was the key here. The randomness is what made this such a fun mani, because you can’t really screw it up! 

Here is a shot of the Infinity stamping plate from their website, you can see how perfect it is for this mani!

Courtesy: DashicaBeautyShop

Using my FUN stampers and the stamping polishes listed above I started stamping in random colors and patterns until I felt that I had pretty well matched the overall look and feel of the shirt. 
What do you think? How did I do?

And a few more pics for you…

Hope you liked today’s post! I know I’ve missed my nail art posts. Do you have a favorite article of clothing you’ve ever created a mani after? I have once or twice, but this is the best to date. 🙂

Until next time, stay polished!