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Delush Polish Belle of Winterfell

When I saw the Delush Polish Dames of Thrones collection I knew I had to have Belle of Winterfell, the orange fall glitter crellie. I have since decided I need a couple more, but let’s drool over this one for now! 

Belle of Winterfell

Belle of Winterfell is a dazzling burnt orange jelly filled with a refined blend of microfine glitters and sparks of gold.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you probably already know that I *love* orange polish. Any shade of orange, any variation of orange, any family of orange. I can’t get enough orange polish. Ever. And I love this polish! The perfect fall orange, but still with enough brightness to make it stand out, and ohhhh those glitters. This polish is fall perfection in a small glass bottle. It cannot be improved upon, but of course I still had to stamp a little anyway! lol

For this I used M Polish Elizabethen, and stamping plate #BM-H11. It didn’t improve it but it did go well enough together that I love it both ways. But it’s orange, so of course I still love it. What do you think?

Until next time, stay polished!