Nail Polish Swatches

Midwest Lacquer Vinyl it Up For the Love of Greyskull

Attention Geeks, Fandoms, Gamers, and 80’s children. You will love this collection! I had such fun reliving my childhood while swatching this collection. I have lots to show you, so here we go…

They call me Battlecat
They call me Battlecat is named for He-Man’s right hand feline, Battlecat. This is a green jelly base with orange and green iridescent micro glitters, as well as lime green and gold micro flakes. My swatches below are 3 coats with OTD top coat. 

I Surround myself with Fools
I Surround myself with Fools is named for Skeletor. This is a gray crelly with purple holo micro glitters, purple and sapphire hex glitter, and black circle glitter. Swatches below are 2 coats with OTD top coat. 

I’m the Evil Hordak
I’m an Evil Hordak, inspired by Hordak another baddie. It’s a purple jelly with pink and purple holo glitter, and teal, silver, and fuchsia circle glitter. Just look at the depth in this polish! My swatches are 3 thin coats with OTD top coat.

Princess of Power
Princess of Power is named for She-Ra. Princess of Power is a white crelly polish, with gold and metallic red flakies, as well as gold shimmer. My swatches below are 3 thin coats with OTD top coat. Can you imagine this polish stamped with red and gold? Perfect christmas look! 

I Have the Power

I Have the Power is named for He-Man. This is a dark berry colored jelly with gold flecks. Swatches below are 3 thin coats with OTD top coat.

Saucy Sorceress 
Saucy Sorceress is named for the sorceress who apprears in both He-Man and She-Ra. This is a sheer white crelly, with shimmery white micro flakes, blue micro flakes, as well as purple and blue iridescent micro glitters. This is meant to be sheer, and you may have some visible nail line. Can be used as a topper as or can be built up in 3 coats for full coverage. My swatch is 3 coats with OTD top coat.

So what did you think of this collection? Doesn’t it bring back memories of saturday morning cartoons? My husband was totally geeking out when I was swatching this collection! Haha!

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Until next time, stay polished!

Received as press samples through the nail blogger roundabout.