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Polish My Life Classic Cremes Winter Edition

I am so excited to show you all this collection! Today I have the The Classic Cremes Collection ~ Winter Edition by Polish my Life. If you have been feeling like you need a palette cleanser, this is the perfect collection!

A few weeks ago I started noticing swatches of this winter nudes collection by Polish my Life. I love nudes.. polish that is! 🙂 My first instinct upon seeing this collection was BUY. ALL. THE. POLISH. But a couple things were holding me back.. I rarely buy cremes from indies. I almost never buy a whole collection from a new to me indie. And finally, I have hundreds of nude shades already.
But this collection kept talking to me. Did you know polish talks? Yup, it says ‘Buy me!’ over and over again. Just like this… 
After much thought I contacted the maker and she was so kind to offer me a blogger discount. Which brings me to this moment when I get to show YOU this lovely talking polish! 😉

The Alps
The Alps is described as a cinnamon vanilla creme. Shown here is 2 coats with OTD top coat.

Vail is described as a warm vanilla beige creme. Shown here is 2 coats with OTD top coat.

Tahoe is described as a dusty rose creme. Shown here is 2 coats plus OTD top coat.

Telluride is described as a light dusky rose, pecan creme. Shown here is two coats with OTD top coat.

The Rockies
The Rockies is described as a tasty warm hot cocoa creme. Shown here is 2 coats with OTD top coat.

My Thoughts: Each and every one of these is absolutely flawless! They are so perfectly smooth, opaque, and self-leveling that you can easily get away with just one coat. These have totally changed my mindset about indie cremes, these are unlike any mainstream creme I have ever had. They are so so worth it, and these shades are the perfect neutral palette. I cannot say enough about this collection. Just listen to them.. ‘Buy Me. Buy Me.’  And then go do it. 🙂

So just be honest, how much have you drooled over these?

Sometimes the beauty in a good mani isn’t about advanced techniques, bold colors, and bling.. Sometimes its just about beautifully simplistic and classic. 

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Until next time, stay polished!