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Dupe or No Dupe? ILNP Black Orchid, CbL Berries in the Snow, Different Dimensions Mother Goose

I always intend to do more Dupe or No Dupe? posts, but I haven’t managed to do very many. Today I will be comparing 3 polishes; I Love Nail Polish Black Orchid, Colors by Llarowe Berries in the Snow, and Different Dimensions Mother Goose. I bought Berries in the Snow knowing it would likely be a dupe to Black Orchid, but imagine my surprise when Berries in the Snow and Mother Goose arrived on the same day. So let’s compare…

The 3 of these look very similar, but are they true dupes? We all probably have slightly different ideas of what true dupes are. I have 100’s of orange polishes that are very similar, but only a few true dupes. Similar doesn’t bother me at all, and dupes don’t bother me if the color is pretty enough. 

So let’s take a closer look…

First let me start by saying that ILNP Black Orchid is 3 coats, while the others are 2 coats. It is quite a bit more sheer than the others, but builds nicely. CbL Berries in the Snow is very opaque and could be a one coater. Different Dimensions Mother Goose is kind of half way between the other 2, it’s fairly opaque in one coat but really does need a second coat. 

Now other than formula the differences are very negligible. Mother Goose has a slight pinkish shimmer to it. The holo in Black Orchid is a little more subtle than the other two, but again its barely noticeable.

So overall I would say yes, these are definitely dupes. I far prefer CbL Berries in the Snow though, the formula is smoother and very opaque, and could even be used for stamping if you wanted to. One of these 3 will likely be coming to you in the form of a destash on Storenvy in the near future. So if you love any of these you might want to keep your eyes on my storenvy shop! 🙂

Until next time, stay polished!