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MDJ Creations Sexy Cuticles Liquid Nail Tape

Most of us have used, or at least heard about, the new latex nail tape trend. It has quite literally changed the way we do nail art! Well today I want to introduce you to MDJ Creations Liquid Nail Tape. 

One of the most popular uses for latex nail tape is for doing watermarbles, probably the messiest nail art to date! Well as one that doesn’t do watermarbles, or at least not do them well, I still have plenty of times I use a latex nail tape. Have you ever tried to do clean up after stamping with MdU Black, or any dark color? Oh my gosh the mess! I’ve been known to get black stamping polish all the way down to my elbows! LOL What can I tell you, it’s a gift. :))

I have often used a regular bulk container of liquid latex, but have never been thrilled with it. I find it sticks to itself so easily and even pulls off completely. I had none of these problems using Sexy Cuticles by MDJ Creations. It did not have the tendency to stick to itself, and I found it very easy to precisely apply it.

You can see how much clean up I saved myself by using the nail tape. And of course here is my final, perfectly clean, mani!

This is Window Shopping from the Orly Spring 2016 collection. Stamped with new Dazed and Enthused stamping plate by Delush Polish.

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Until next time, stay polished!