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My World Sparkles Lacquer ~ Swatch and Review

Good Morning friends! I hope you are all doing well. I have had a very rough couple of days, but hopefully there is an end in sight. I haven’t seen it yet but it has to be around here somewhere. 

So today I have 2 new colors and a new pamper gem from My World Sparkles Lacquer to show you. Let’s take a look…

Oracle of Awesomeness
Oracle of Awesomeness is a bright pink jelly base filled with iridescent translucent glitters and flakes. The base is  fairly sheer so what you see here is 4 thin coats, yes I did say 4. But if you have a slightly less visible free edge, or shorter nails, 3 coats will be plenty. Or you could easily layer it over another pink and get the same great effect without the VNL. I love this color, and the name… the name alone makes me think of all sorts of awesome things! 4 coats with glossy top coat. 

*This polish is available now.

Winter Rose
Winter Rose is a light mauve rose shimmer polish with microglitters and iridescent flakes. My swatch is 3 coats with glossy top coat. 

*This polish will be available March 1.

Cucumber and Green Tea Pamper Gem

I took a video so you all could watch it do it’s thing, but I didn’t do my thing beforehand – which was to actually aim the camera – so all I got was the side of my little pink bowl and that swooshing sound we all know and love. #bloggerfail
So as a consolation prize I took a cool macro instead. I know I know, I’ll do better next time! But the macro is cool. 🙂

The most important part is that this pamper gem smells amazing.. you’re going to have to trust me on that one either way though cause sniff technology doesn’t exist, yet. 

So Winter Rose will be available March 1. Oracle of Awesomeness is available now. You know what to do!

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Until next time, stay polished!