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Nail Art: Essie Silk Watercolor Mini Art Kit

I recently picked up a couple of the Essie mini silk watercolor sets on Ebay. I have really wanted to try these sheer jellies but wasn’t ready to buy the whole set. Once I received these I noticed the kits were split up for different nail art looks. I have to say I have never done nail art based on a kit, but this one intrigued me. So I had to give it a try..

This nail art kit includes a mini bottle of White Paper, No Shrinking Violet, Love Sheen, and Muse Myself. The directions state to start with a base of White Paper, then once dry brush on the colors in a sweeping curve motion diagonal across the nail, allowing each color to dry before adding the next. 

Based on the picture they show, and my own experience with sheer polish and nail art, I suspected the outcome would not be as they show. 

But to give it a fair test I had to try it myself. I started with one coat of White Paper, and then brushed on my latex nail tape to minimize the mess. 

I then brushed on No Shrinking Violet in a curved sweeping motion as the box suggests. I allowed that to dry completely before adding the next shade.

I then promptly forgot to photograph the other steps involved. So… Fast Forward to the end… and let’s take a look at the final result! 🙂

While I like the look of this I don’t feel like it matches the picture on the box. I think you could come closer to the design they show by adding the next layer before the first layer is dry, yet they specify to let each layer dry before adding the next. Or you could probably match the look with a little photoshop creativity. 🙂

Regardless I do like the final result, and I do like these sheer jelly shades. You will likely see more ‘watercolor manis’ from me in the near future. 

Until next time, stay polished!