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Square Hue Skydive Interlaken Collection ~ April 2016

Oh Happy Monday! I type that with as much enthusiasm as possible, but I suspect you saw right through it. But in all seriousness I’m excited about today’s post! I’ve been doing a monthly beginner nail art feature with the monthly Square Hue box, which I have received some great feedback about by the way! But this month I felt these colors lend themselves to individual swatches instead. But no worries, next month I will be back to doing more beginner nail art for you. In the meantime, check out this months box…

Square Hue Eiger
Eiger is a glossy bubblegum pink with a beautiful blue shimmer. I love pinks with blue shimmer, but most are a bright hot pink where as this is a softer bubblegum pink. I love it! Perfect formula with 3 thin coats for opacity. Glossy top coat. 

Square Hue Monch
Monch is a brilliant yellow matte creme. The formula was easy and smooth, with no application issues. Obviously this can be worn shiny with a top coat but I opted to leave it with its natural demi matte finish. 3 coats no top coat. 

Square Hue Jungfrau
Jungfrau is the real surprise this month, a glitter crelly! I don’t know that this is Square Hue’s first glitter crelly, but its the first I’ve seen. And WOW, did they nail it! This super cute combo of soft lavender, purple, blue, and orchid glitters combined in a super smooth crelly formula. 2 coats for opacity. No dragging, no clumping, no issues whatsoever! A quick layer of top coat and you have a smooth as glass finish. 

I love this months box! While these 3 colors didn’t lend themselves to nail art they are all gorgeous just as they are. Do you have a favorite from these?

And now for some more information about Square Hue. Square Hue offers 2 different subscription boxes, a 2 polish box and a 3 polish box starting from $14.99 a month. A portion of proceeds from each box subscription goes towards a specified cause, currently human trafficking. I am of a strong belief that the only thing better than pretty polish is pretty polish with a cause. So go check out SquareHue at the links below.

Square Hue: Shop ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

Until next time, stay polished!