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Pretty Jelly Nail Lacquer ~ Spring 2016 Collection

Hi Ladies! So I have been looking forward to today’s post, even to the point I was talking about it at dinner last night! But before I get into this collection let me tell you a little story. I have mentioned before that I cannot remember my very first indie, I simply wasn’t blessed with a great memory… However in the early days of my nail polish journey I remember hearing about ‘these amazing indies’ and I remember insisting I was completely happy with mainstreams, they were all I needed. Ha!! Little did I know. Well one day in Polish-aholics Anonymous someone posted about just ordering 3 new ‘Pretty Jellies’ and the newbie in me had recently learned that the sheer very shiny finishes I loved so much were called ‘jellies’… so obviously something called Pretty Jellies I needed in my life. You can imagine my surprise when my 2 little mini bottles arrived and they weren’t jelly polishes at all but instead they were these amazing sparkly finishes that danced in the sun. Thus starting my obsession with holo’s. Oh how long ago that seems now! 

So when Liz at Pretty Jelly gave me this opportunity to review her new Spring collection I was so excited! It’s so surreal sometimes to think about this amazing, fun, exciting, challenging journey of nail polish blogging. Getting to swatch and review for some of the original brands from the very beginning of my journey is very humbling. 

Okay I have blabbed enough now. Let’s take a look at the Spring collection by Pretty Jelly Nail Lacquer featuring her new and improved bottles and branding. 

Pretty Jelly Welby

Welby is a bluish purple holographic polish with green and gold shimmer. Yes, this is a true blurple holo and there is no shortage of rainbows here. My swatches are 2 flawless coats with glossy top coat.

Welby ~ Daylight Bulbs

Welby Close Up ~ Daylight Bulbs

Welby Close Up ~ Direct Light

Welby ~ Macro

Pretty Jelly Bom

Bom is a fuchsia holographic polish with green and gold shimmer. The holo-ness here is perfect even in indirect light. For my swatches I used 2 easy coats with glossy top coat. 

Bom ~ Daylight Bulb

Bom Close Up ~ Daylight Bulb

Bom Close Up ~ Direct Light

Bom ~ Macro

Pretty Jelly Caroun

Caroun is a metallic beige linear holographic polish. Can I just say how stunning this polish is? There is just something about a neutral holo that really appeals to me. They are just so gorgeous and classy! Here I used 2 coats with glossy top coat. 

Caroun ~ Daylight Bulbs

Caroun Close Up ~ Daylight Bulbs

Caroun Close Up ~ Direct Light

Caroun ~ Macro

Pretty Jelly Nana

Nana is a coral holographic micro glitter with gold shimmer in a coral jelly base. Just 2 coats for opacity. Dries with a slight texture due to the glitter, but smooths out perfectly with top coat. Flawless formula. 

Nana ~ Daylight Bulbs

Nana Close Up ~ Daylight Bulbs

Nana Close Up ~ Direct Light

Nana ~ Macro

Pretty Jelly Haruki

Haruki is a teal holographic micro glitter in a teal jelly base, speckled with multichrome flakies. This polish was so easy to apply, I just needed 2 coats for full opacity. I love teal polish, and this one sparkles even in indirect light.

Haruki ~ Daylight Bulbs

Haruki Close Up ~ Daylight Bulbs

Haruki Close Up ~ Direct Light

Haruki ~ Macro

Pretty Jelly Kelda

Kelda is a green holographic polish with blue and copper shimmer. If you love green holo’s this one is a must have! A beautiful green in indirect light, but the copper and blue shimmer really come alive in direct light! Again 2 perfect coats with glossy top coat.

Kelda ~ Daylight Bulbs

Kelda Close Up ~ Daylight Bulbs

Kelda Close Up ~ Direct Light

Kelda ~ Macro

Pretty Jelly Mirri

Mirri is a bright blue polish with copper shimmer and subtle holo. True cobalt blue holo’s can be a bit hard to find. This makes only two in my whole hoard collection. I love the subtle holo here; it doesn’t over power the stunning cobalt color but still comes alive in direct light. And the formula? Yes you guessed it, flawless. 2 coats with glossy top coat. 

Mirri ~ Daylight Bulbs

Mirri Close Up ~ Daylight Bulbs

Mirri Close Up ~ Direct Light

Mirri ~ Macro

My Thoughts: Oh Em Gee. Where do I even start?! This collection is very clearly gorgeous, cohesive, and perfectly executed. I had absolutely ZERO issues with any of these, they all covered fully in 2 simple buttery smooth coats. I love the new bottle shape, and the mini bottles have full size cap and brushes (don’t we wish everyone did that!). So for my personal favorites… Mirri, Nana, Caroun, Kelda, Haruki.. oh nevermind I can’t pick favorites as I truly love them all. Yes, really. Every single one. 

This collection includes 2 more microglitters that I don’t have here so be sure to check those out too on the website (linked below.)

I will leave you today with one final little collage, my first little mini bottle of Glamorous Thief from 2013/2014, a swatch last year of Poison Envy and of course Bom from this collection. What a fun journey this is, and I’m so lucky to have discovered such amazing brands along the way and now to be able to share them with you!

(I’m also thankful my swatches and nails have improved! LOL)

This collection is currently available. The holo’s are $10 full size and glitters are $11 full size. Or you can save by getting the full 9 piece collection for $84.60.  Now go pick out some new polish! 🙂

Pretty Jelly: Shop ~ Etsy ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Twitter 

Until next time, stay polished!