Fibromyalgia Awareness Month ~ Fibro Nails Spoonie Nails link up

Good Morning all! Today’s post is a little different. See, May marks Fibromyalgia Awareness Month. 

This is always one of the most difficult posts for me to write as I never know whether to stick to the facts or talk about how fibro has affected me. But I think I’m just going to give you my story. Google has all the facts you’ll ever need anyway. (Hang in there with me, there are nails below! 🙂

My life before Fibromyalgia: My husband and I were running a successful web development business, we had been in business for 15 years. I worked 40+ hours a week, I attended a lot of networking events regularly, I volunteered in animal rescue 20+ hours a week. I was busy, active, and always on the go.

My life now: Last night I layed in bed unable to sleep due to my pain levels. I take 10 medications 2x daily to try and manage the 200+ symptoms of Fibromyalgia. The truth is those medications allow me to get out of bed most days. And some days I can’t even do that. I’m lucky if I can get 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. The pain makes sleep very difficult and when I do sleep my body is unable to ‘recharge’ like healthy people can. This results in chronic fatigue. The best way to describe Fibromyalgia is its like living with a bad flu 24/7 with an added ball and chain on your feet. The body aches, nerve pain, muscle spasms, brain fog, hyper sensitivity, anxiety, depression, and deadening fatigue are my constant companions. On a ‘good day’ I can function at home for about 4-5 hours then I have to rest. I had to give up my career, my business, my volunteer work, and my social life. 

I had to become a whole new person. Pain changes people. Now my life consists of blogging, spending time with my dogs and husband, and I’m usually able to get out maybe once a week. It’s not the life I used to have, but it’s my new reality and I have learned to accept it. I still hope though that someday there may be an effective treatment, or even better yet a cure.

You may remember every May I promote #purplenailsforfibro and ask other members of the nail community to do a purple mani to show their support for those suffering with this illness. But after a rough couple of months and a very busy May I didn’t feel like I could really promote it this year. Then I saw that Becca over at A Certain Becca’s Nails was doing a link up for #spoonienails, and I jumped on board! (Why spoonie? Click here.)

Here is the Fibromyalgia Awareness mani that I did, I hope you like it!

For this mani I used Honey Bunny Lacquer Xanadu, Glam Polish Outrageous, Turtle Tootsie Polish Spring Bouquet, and Colors by Llarowe Chasing a Unicorn. For the stamping I used Uber Chic plate 3-01.

If you know someone with Fibromyalgia will you show your support with a purple mani? Sometimes its the small things that really make a difference. Tag #purplenailsforfibro or #spoonienails.

Thanks so much for reading today’s post! And be sure to check out some of the other ladies mani’s in the link up below!

Until next time, stay polished!

  • Becca Faceache Catlett

    Thank you for this post Tiffany! I’m so glad we created the link-up to support amazing ladies like you x

  • Tracey

    Thank you for doing this post, making awareness of any illness is great and fab to do a link up. Hugs xx

  • firegirl

    Thanks for your honest post! Plus the lovely mani. At Christmas I found a little positive thought card in some nice shower gel that says: ‘Remember to be kind to yourself a little more often!’ It struck a chord with me, even though I don’t always find it easy – I am writing this with a three day migraine and a staved finger that makes my whole body feel like I have been hit by a bus. Fibro can make you feel so negative (and people judging you doesn’t really help either) so I try to carve out little treats for me and be really conscious about them. Sometimes it is as little as the lovely cup of tea I had earlier but it helps me. Keep strong! x

  • Naked Without Polish

    Your butterflies are beautiful! Great post. Thank you!

  • FairyTales Nails

    Beautiful mani and great post hun . You explained everything so well felt like I was reading about myself lol sending big hugs and may the spoons be ever in your favour 😀 X

  • Beautiful nails, I love the shimmery butterflies! You are so strong, stay awesome 🙂

  • Melissa

    Your nails are stunning. Thanks for bringing awareness to the cause.

  • Thanks so much for sharing this! You’re a strong and lovely lady with beautiful nails to match!

  • Medium Irene Hope Burke

    I have fibro also interesting that I found you because oh my love for all things nails and happened to see fibromyalgia awareness in you archives ! Soft huggs to you! Thank you for putting yourself and your story out there! You didn’t have to on here. The more we use out platforms that are not chronic illness centered to share our stories the more we educate people and maybe one day we won’t here “but you don’t look sick” or “you just need to lose weight ” etc… etc…