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Square Hue Scooter Key West Collection ~ May 2016

Have you seen this months Square Hue box? Oh. My. Polish. Three absolutely gorgeous colors with flawless formulas! I’ve been getting the Square Hue box for most of my polish collecting life. If you’re not, we’re going to take a look at what you’re missing… 

This months box is the Scooter Key West collection. It includes these 3 polishes.

  • Duval Street ~ A high gloss mint creme polish. Nearly opaque in a single coat.
  • Mallory Square ~ A pastel pink shimmer polish loaded with blue microglitter. 3 thin coats for opacity.
  • Southernmost Point ~ A bright fuschia shimmer with a strong blue shift. Opaque in 2 coats.

The beginner nail art look that I did with these is a leopard print mani. I remember when I first started doing nail art a leopard print mani was fairly intimidating to me. But in reality it’s quite simple, as it’s nothing more than a series of irregular spots and lines done with a dotting tool. 

To create this mani I started with 2 coats of Mallory Square on my index and middle finger. This polish starts out very sheer but builds up quickly.  I then used 2 coats of Duval Street on my ring finger. This polish is so opaque you could get away with a single coat. For my little finger I used 2 coats of Southernmost Point.

To create the leopard spots you will need 2 dotting tools (or brushes, but I like the control of dotting tools better.) With a medium size dotting tool I painted on a few spots using Duval Street. The easy part about this is there is no required shape, and they don’t need to be specific at all. 

Then using a small fine dotting tool I used Southernmost Point to draw some irregular slightly wavy lines around the spots. Again nothing specific, but it looks more realistic if you draw then halfway across the spot or 3/4 of the way. Finally I just added a couple small dots using Southernmost Point. Sealed it all with glossy top coat and you’re all set!

How do you like this months colors? They have really been releasing some great shades lately!

And now for some more information about Square Hue. Square Hue offers 2 different subscription boxes, a 2 polish box and a 3 polish box starting from $14.99 a month. A portion of proceeds from each box subscription goes towards a specified cause, currently human trafficking. I am of a strong belief that the only thing better than pretty polish is pretty polish with a cause. So go check out SquareHue at the links below.

Square Hue: Shop ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

Until next time, stay polished!