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Wet n’ Wild Lost in the Wild Flowers ~ Limited Edition Summer 2016

I’m always excited for the Spring and Summer Wet n’ Wild releases. They have such fun colors, a great formula, and really inexpensive. So today I have the new Summer Limited Edition Release, Lost in the Wild Flowers. Let’s take a look at these bright fun colors…

Wet n’ Wild Leaf it Be
Leaf it Be is a spring green jelly like polish with slight olive undertones. The formula was smooth, although sheer, and dried to a high shine. This is 3 coats and as you can see I still have some VNL. Some VNL doesn’t bother me so I will likely wear this one again. I didn’t use any top coat to show how shiny the finish is. 

Wet n’ Wild Poppy Culture
Poppy Culture is a bright orange red. A beautiful formula. I love this color, it’s not orange but it’s not quite red. It’s the perfect balance in-between. Opaque in 2 easy coats  and topped with glossy top coat. 

Wet n’ Wild Cherry Blossom on Top
Cherry Blossom on Top is a dark pink creme polish. This color didn’t excite me much, if I have 3 exact dupes for it I have 100 (and it’s much closer to the 100.) However the formula was fabulous so if it’s a unique color to your collection you can’t go wrong.

Wet n’ Wild Wild Wild Violet
Yes, there are actually suppose to be 3 ‘Wild'(s) in there. 🙂 Wild Wild Violet is a violent purple creme polish. A very pretty color with a formula to match. 2 easy coats with glossy top coat.

In conclusion I like this collection very much. They aren’t necessarily unique or totally different, but they are quality polishes at a very reasonable price. The formula was nice on each of them and I love the natural shine. I would definitely recommend picking them up if you come across them at your local Walgreens.

The Wet n’ Wild Lost in the Wild Flowers collection is available at select Walgreen’s locations nationwide. 

Wet n’ Wild: Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Pinterest ~ Twitter 

Until next time, stay polished!

  • cheri

    Just how violent does that purple one get? Out of control but very pretty nevertheless. Love it!