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My World Sparkles Lacquers The Sparkelistas Facebook Group Custom

Today I have another My World Sparkles Lacquer to show you, but this one is special! Let’s take a look…

Sparkelistas 2016
Sparkelistas 2016 is the first fan group custom polish, and boy did she nail it! This a beautiful, sparkly, shiny, purple-y polish with loads of iredescent flakes and even the occasional glitter. The formula was near perfect, it’s a lovely consistency that requires almost no clean up. It just glides on the nail exactly where you intend without any needless cuticle flooding or clean-up. 

I’m a bit embarassed to admit how many times I have stared at this macro, it really captures the complexity and beauty of this polish. 

Okay, so to get your hands on Sparkelista’s 2016 hop on over to join the My World Sparkles Lacquers Facebook Fan group. Once accepted you will have access to the passcode.
With that code just login here, place your order and you will have this beauty enroute to you shortly!

Oh, and because I didn’t show you in my post yesterday… My World Sparkles Lacquers now has color gems on the top of all her bottles. I love this! 

I really wish all brands did this! 

My World Sparkles Lacquer: Shop ~ Facebook ~ Fan Group ~ Instagram ~ Twitter ~ Pinterest

Until next time, stay polished!

  • Tracey

    Such a clever idea for the colours to be on the lids. And this is a beautiful purple ♡

  • Naked Without Polish

    Beautiful polish!!

  • This is stunning!

  • Sloppy Swatches

    So much pretty!! Your macros are amazing!

  • So pretty and I really liked the coloured gems on top 🙂

  • This is such a pretty color.