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Essie Shimmer Collection ~ Swatch and Review

These beauties have been sitting on my swatch rack for over a month, so I imagine most of you have seen swatches far before now, but a few extra won’t hurt. I picked up the mini collection so I only have 4 to show you, but let’s jump right in.

Essie Shimmer Collection 2016

Essie Seen on the Scene
Seen on the Scene is a classic shimmery pink. Shows some brush strokes, and I found it to apply pretty patchy. You can easily see in my photos how patchy and stroky it is. Definitely not a favorite among these. My swatches show 2 coats plus some touch ups and a glossy top coat.

Essie Seen on the Scene Essie Seen on the Scene Essie Seen on the Scene

Essie Aim to Misbehave (1000th shade)
Aim to Misbehave is more than just a shimmery yellow, it’s also Essie’s 1000th color release. Yet, it’s still just a shimmery yellow. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sure seems to me that yellow is one of the most unpopular polish colors and the hardest color for most to pull off. It’s a very rare yellow that I can wear. And I own about 15 yellows in comparison to probably 50-70 of most any other color. I just think they could have done something really great and unique for shade 1000, but this is it. Anyway, 2 coats with glossy top coat. Patchy and stroky.

Essie Aim to Misbehave Essie Aim to Misbehave Essie Aim to Misbehave
Essie DJ on Board
DJ on Board is a classic purple shimmer. I know I keep saying ‘classic’ but I really have no other words to describe these. They don’t really lean one way or another, they don’t really have any undertones or overtones. It’s purple, and it shimmers. But I did like this one better. Formula was nice and it was opaque in 2 easy coats. Still some brush strokes but not terrible. 2 coats with glossy top coat.

Essie DJ on Board Essie DJ on Board Essie DJ on Board

Essie Sexy Plunge
Sexy Plunge is by far my favorite of these. It’s a beautiful bright fun orange that shimmers, shines, and glows for ages. (Full Disclaimer: I love orange and I rarely come across an orange I don’t like.) But aside from the fact I think the color is all sorts of pretty I did find this to have the best formula. I had no issues with it and 2 coats were perfect. No patchiness and very little brush stroky-ness. Glossy top coat.

Essie Sexy Plunge Essie Sexy Plunge Essie Sexy Plunge


My Thoughts: Based just on these 4 I would venture to say this collection probably just isn’t worth it. If a color is exactly what you want it’s probably worth the risk on the formula; but only if you really really love it. Like for me and Sexy Plunge. But I would definitely skip the full collection, or probably even just the mini collection. I am pretty disappointed as I’ve seen many great collections from Essie in recent years, but sadly this isn’t one.

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Until next time, stay polished!

  • I haven’t looked towards Essie in a few months now and totally forgot to even check out their summer collection this year. It’s not too bad, but yeah very skippable. Though of course your swatches slay girl!

  • Your swatches are lovely. It makes me sad about their formulas though. I want to love Essie but their formulas are always more misses than hits for me. 🙁

  • Tracey

    That purple is lush, it ducks the formula isn’t that good as they do look nice x

    • Tracey

      Sucks not ducks lol stupid predicted text!

  • Sloppy Swatches

    Beautiful swatches! I agree about the 1,000 shade being yellow!