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Nicole Diary ND-112 Stamping Plate ~ Nail Art

Hi ladies! Hope your week has been good so far. I have been in a flare up so swatching or writing up posts were the last things on my mind for the last few days. I’m starting to feel more human today though so I got a good amount of swatching done, and now I’m settling down to write some posts for the week. Today I have another stamping plate from Nicole Diary to show you, and I’m really excited about this mani. Let’s take a look…

Nail Art Nicole Diary ND-112

I have always loved plaid nails, and believe it or not this is only the second plaid mani I’ve done. And actually the first I’ve been happy with. I have always found that the quality of plate you are working with directly affects how well your nails turn out, but I believe that is even more so with plaid nails. This plate was so easy to work with and I would definitely recommend it if you love plaid nails.

Nicole Diary ND-112

For this mani I started with a classic red for the base color. Zoya Gia was just the red I was looking for and it covered fully in 2 smooth coats. I chose the image on the left for my stamping. The first layer was done with MdU White. Then with Painted Polish Midnight Mischief I followed up with the black layer, lining it up with the first layer of stamping. 

Nail Art Nicole Diary ND-112

While I didn’t get my stamping lined up exactly I’m still quite pleased with the overall look. I topped it all off with matte top coat to finish this mani. I actually didn’t even take pics with a glossy top coat because I was certain I liked it best matte. 

Nail Art Nicole Diary ND-112 Nail Art Nicole Diary ND-112 Nail Art Nicole Diary ND-112

I hope you enjoyed today’s mani and found this review to be helpful. How do you like plaid nails? I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment below.

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Until next time, stay polished!

  • Tracey

    I have this plate too! Love how you used it ♡

  • I love this! Plaid nails are some of my favorites too.

  • You did such a good job with the plaid!

  • Jenalyn Pirosch

    I LOVE plaid! Gimme plaid everything!

  • That plaid is rad!

  • Ehmkay Nails

    I actually love it not lined up. It’s gorgeous

  • These turned out amazing!