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Nail Art: Drip Marble and Negative Image Stamping

Hey lovelies! Ready to see some more nail art? I’ve been nail art’ing like a crazy lady! I had very little time last year to do much art, which I missed greatly. Most of us in the polish community find polish to be a release, an outlet.. or be a therapy of sorts. I’m no different. Suffering from chronic pain polish provided me with a distraction, and on my worst days I can always look down to my nicely painted nails and find a smile despite the pain. When I could no longer work I lost my creative outlet, so nail art was a fantastic way to still have a creative outlet. So the nail art was always so important to me and I’m really enjoying the extra time right now to focus on doing more art.

Nail Art: Drip Marble and Negative Image Stamping

A couple weeks ago I did my first drip marble mani. I was/still am completely in love with it, so I’ve done a few more since then. Let’s start with the polishes I used for this one.

Polishes Used:

  • Colors by Llarowe Stormy Seas
  • JulieG Tahiti
  • Sinful Colors Garden Party
  • Dance Legend Spot it White
  • Quixotic Polish Opal
  • Quixotic Polish Shiny New Seahorse
  • Quixotic Polish Viridi Ignis

Nail Art: Drip Marble Nail Art: Drip Marble

I really liked how this turned out, especially all the flakies from the Quixotic polishes. But I knew immediately I wanted to do some reverse image stamping over it. So after sifting through my stamping plates (which I seriously need to reorganize!) I decided on UberChic 7-01 which had this super cute floral reverse image. Anybody know what type of flower these are?

Nail Art: Drip Marble and Negative Image Stamping Nail Art: Drip Marble and Negative Image Stamping Nail Art: Drip Marble and Negative Image Stamping Nail Art: Drip Marble and Negative Image Stamping

I didn’t stamp over my first drip marble, as I could not bring myself to cover it up. But I’m so glad I did the stamping this time. I actually much prefer this one with the stamping! I hope you like it as much as I do. Stay tuned – I have the first of Spring collections coming up this week. Are you as ready as I am for some warmer weather and sunshine?

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Until next time, stay polished!

  • Tracey

    Oh my goodness! This is beyond stunning and a gorgeous drip marble ♡

  • Ehmkay Nails

    I like this without the stamping. IT IS GLORIOUS!

  • This turned out beautifully and I love the stamping you added.

  • Wow! This looks fabulous!!!

  • Your drip marble is to die for!!

  • This is ridiculously beautiful – absolutely gorgeous. I love it.

  • those flowers are hibiscus. pretty nail art

  • Yvette Price

    The drip marble alone looked like a lagoon! The hibiscus stamp, just brought me straight to Hawaii! beautiful!

  • BeautyJudy

    This does make me wish for flip flops and sunshine lol. I love the spring summer feel of this art!

  • These look amazing. I know what you mean about having nail stuff as an outlet because that’s exactly how I started. I’m not going to credit nail polish for bringing me out of the worst depression of my life, but I know it helped to keep my mind occupied.

  • Wow!!!! This looks amazing!! I have yet to try this technique but I think that needs to change very soon!!!

  • Kristi Vasquez

    I love how drip marbles look like cool rocks! I love the colors you used!

  • Declare Your Heart of Gold Blo

    I love these stamps!!!

  • marciaf

    The stamping over the drip marble is just amazing. I think you’ve brought out the design even more with the marbling effect.

  • This is insanely gorgeous. Your color choices are perfection.

  • Oooo that marble is stunning! So soft and sweet plus the colors are sooo Me!! Love it all and the tropical flowers!

  • LittleNuclearReactor

    This is ridiculously gorgeous! You’re amazing!

  • See, drip marbles are addictive! This is another gorgeous one!

  • Natoya

    That marbling is so pretty! I really loved the outcome. Beautiful work

  • Madhubani

    Astounding.. So so so beautiful… I love them.. Both the dip marble and the final stamping mani are insanely beautiful..

  • This finished look is just absolutely gorgeous!!

  • These are gorgeous! I also have and love that stamping plate.

  • You’re so good at drip marbles and the stamping just totally completed the look! I need to try my hand at these.