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The Digit-al Dozen does Stamping: Fairy Nails

Hi ladies! Well it’s Digital Dozen week again and this time it totally snuck up on me. I realized it on Thursday night and had only done one mani. (I usually have all 5 manis done and my posts written quite a few days in advance.) Then I remembered that I did this mani for last month, but it was an extra and never got posted. The theme this month is Stamping so this definitely qualifies. And it gives me a little extra time to get the others ready. 😬

The Digit-al Dozen does Stamping: Fairy Nails

I really wanted to create a woodland theme for the fairies and thought about a number of different ways to do that but I settled on this because I like how it incorporates both trees and leaves without the background getting too busy.

The Digit-al Dozen does Stamping: Fairy Nails

Polishes Used:

  • Zoya Jace
  • Blush Lacquers Moriarty
  • Moonflower Polish El Yunque
  • M Polish Rouen
  • Mundo de Unas Spring Green
  • Mundo de Unas Geranium
  • Mundo de Unas Orchid
  • Born Pretty Stamping Polish #5

Stamping Plates:

  • UberChic Lovely Leaves
  • Moyra Labyrinth 07
  • MoYou London Princess Collection 07
  • MoYou London Fairytale Collection 01

Fairy Nails The Digit-al Dozen does Stamping: Fairy Nails
And of course the macros to show the detail on not only the fairies but the woodland theme background. I always envision fairies being colorful so I pulled out some of my most colorful stamping polishes. 

The Digit-al Dozen does Stamping: Fairy Nails The Digit-al Dozen does Stamping: Fairy Nails
What do you think of my fairy nails? I was happy with how these turned out, not happy enough for them to make my cut last month.. but I was particularly happy with them this last week when I realized I didn’t have anything ready for today! Check out the link up below to see the other ladies manis. They probably aren’t even more mythical creatures! 

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Until next time, stay polished!

  • This is super cute. You did a fabulous job!

  • Tracey

    These are so sweet and love the brown and blue look ♡

  • Your stamping is always so perfect. I don’t even know how you can do such elaborate manis like this and have post written up in advance. Sometimes I scramble and I just do straight swatching most of the time.

  • Such a whimsical mani. Love the fairy stamping.

  • Michelle Chouinard

    Only for you would this be a mani that got left out of the mystical creatures week, you had so many beautiful ones to choose from! I’m so glad we got to see this one this month. 🙂