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The Digit-al Dozen does Stamping: Paint Splatter

Out of all my Digital Dozen manis this week I think this is probably my favorite. It also happens to be the one mani I actually had done in advance. Maybe I’m not loving the others because I’m feeling rushed. Thats quite likely. I’m definitely not going to let the time get away from me again. And hopefully I don’t end up sick again for DD week! Anyway, let’s take a look at my paint splatter nails…

The Digit-al Dozen does Stamping: Paint Splatter

For this look I did random paint splatters over a cerulean blue base. I used 5 shades from the Sally Hansen Crayola Insta-Dri line, and as you can see they stamp beautifully! In fact I initially started using my 2 favorite brands of stamping polishes, but they weren’t as opaque over the blue base as these were. It’s so rare to find regular polishes that actually stamp better than stamping polishes!

Items Used:

  • Sally Hansen Crayola Insta-Dri Cerulean
  • Sally Hansen Crayola Insta-Dri Dandelion
  • Sally Hansen Crayola Insta-Dri Carnation Pink
  • Sally Hansen Crayola Insta-Dri Sunset Orange
  • Sally Hansen Crayola Insta-Dri Granny Smith Apple
  • Lina Stamping Plates Make Your Mark 02
  • Blush Lacquers Matte-terial Girl

The Digit-al Dozen does Stamping: Paint Splatter

For this mani I used Lina Stamping Plate Make Your Mark 02. It has 3 great random splatter patterns on the bottom of the plate. I use this plate so much! Actually though Make Your Mark 01 has more splatter images, and other great images, I may need to pick that one up too. Have you tried Lina Stamping Plates? They have quickly become my favorite plate maker. I just wish there were more of them!

The Digit-al Dozen does Stamping: Paint Splatter The Digit-al Dozen does Stamping: Paint Splatter

So how do you like my splatter nails? They were fun to do because they didn’t have to be perfect or lined up or anything like that. There is no wrong way to do paint splatters! Check back tomorrow for more stamping nail art. And definitely take a look through the link up below. This group has a lot of talent!

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Until next time, stay polished!

  • Chelsea Day

    I saw the Crayola polishes at Target awhile ago and thought they were so cute! I love the paint splatter. I think stamping the splatters really makes them pop out and the colors complement each other perfectly!

  • This is such a fun look! I love how you layered the splats over each other.

  • Beautiful mani! I own these polishes and I will need to stamp with them!

  • So cute, I love the Insta-Dri formula!

  • Ehmkay Nails

    I have one of the make your mark plates and oh man, I need to recreate this. I LOVE IT!!!

  • Kristi Vasquez

    I love your splatter nails! The layering makes me smile! 🙂

  • this is fun and happy

  • I love how bright this is. I remember trying to do a splatter mani with polish and a straw. Well, that was a fail and so messy. lol

  • polarbelle

    I like the splatter stamp. Really cute.

  • The colors you picked are absolutely fabulous!

  • These are so fun!

  • This stamping is perfect and also I totally need those crayola shades!

  • Yvette Price

    Beautiful, I love this idea!

  • Wow. I definitely need those polishes.

  • Jen Sky Walker

    Oh my goodness, this is so cute! I always thought the Instra Dri line dried too quickly to stamp, is that not the case? Obviously not if it works for you!

  • OMG!!! These are so amazing!!! I have got to get these shades!!!

  • Michelle Chouinard

    This is so bright and fun, I love it!

  • Oh, how fun!! This look is adorable!

  • Those are really fun! I love the colors you used.

  • Lothwen Akira

    I absolutely adore these! The colours are so vibrant!