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Bohemian Polish Sweet Kitty Woman ~ Memorial Polish

I have a very special polish to show you all today. As you probably definitely know by now I love animals, and I value the lives of animals. They make such a huge impact on our lives. So much so that many psychologists today say the death of a pet can be in some ways more difficult than the loss of a family member. Now I’m not here to debate that either way but the thinking behind it is that when we experience huge loss in our lives we still have the comfort of our most devoted companions, our pets. Humans are always capable of disappointing us, but short of pooping on the rug our pets rarely do. When we experience the loss of a pet we don’t have the one companion we can always depend on.. the pet. In other words it’s a loss with little comfort, and sometimes still in our society it’s a loss that is mocked by those who just don’t get it. When Jenn with Bohemian Polish recently lost her beloved Pizza Cat I wanted to be one who could honor her life in this way, through this polish. I think memorial polishes can be very healing, and sometimes as in this case, they even pay it forward.

Bohemian Polish Sweet Kitty Woman

Bohemian Polish Sweet Kitty Woman
Bohemian Polish Sweet Kitty Woman

Sweet Kitty Woman is described as a black polish packed with golden shimmer and flakes that shift from pink to green to silver.  This polish came about after Jen lost her faithful companion, Cat, after 16 years together. Like her fur, the polish is a warm black with the shimmer for her eyes, and the green/pink/silver flakes reminded Jen of the green flecks in her eyes, the precious pink toe beans, and the silvery whiskers on her sweet face. What better way to commemorate how special “Pizza Cat” was to those who loved her.

Bohemian Polish Sweet Kitty Woman

Perhaps the best part of this polish is that $4 from each polish is going directly to Helping Hands Affordable Surgery and Dental in Richmond, Virginia. When “Pizza Cat” found herself in need of an amputation the staff at Helping Hands provided the best care for her at the most affordable cost. They gave her family their old Cat back and gave Pizza Cat a new lease on life and more precious time with her people. Through the purchase of this polish you can help Cat’s family give back to the organization that was so important to not only them, but thousands of other animals in need. What better way to commemorate Cat?

Bohemian Polish Sweet Kitty Woman Bohemian Polish Sweet Kitty Woman

I should also mention that the formula was flawless and applied effortlessly in 3 thin coats. Somehow all that seems less important than anything else. That could be the crazy animal lady part of me talking though. Sweet Kitty Woman is available now and retails for $12. Remember $4 of that goes to support Helping Hands of Richmond, Virginia.

“Pizza Cat”

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Until next time, stay polished!

  • Kristi Vasquez

    Awww sweet little kitty. Poor Jenn. I’m glad that she could put her healing into creating this polish.

  • Tracey

    Losing a pet is like losing a family member. We had our cat Tilly for 19 yrs! An absolutely stunning polish ♡♡

  • Aww, this is beautiful tribute and it’s awesome that some of the money is being donated! Hugs to Jenn<3

  • Aww this is such a sweet polish and a great tribute! Its most definitely a hard thing!