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The Digital Dozen does Television Shows: Survivor

It’s Day 5 of The Digital Dozen TV Shows week. This has been a super fun theme for me. I don’t watch a lot of shows but the ones I do watch tend to be long running, and I’m really committed to them. I saved Survivor for last because it’s the longest running series I watch, and one of the only shows I literally look forward to it all the time. Season Finale night each season is me-time, no other plans, no distractions. Yeah I’m probably a super fan – except I have ZERO desire to be on the show. I like my creature comforts too much for that nonsense!

The Digital Dozen does Television Shows: Survivor

I wasn’t sure how to portray Survivor initially. My first thought was the logo but there is no way I’m freehanding that! LOL One of the big parts of Survivor is the Tribes, and players are voted out at Tribal Council each week. So I decided on a tribal theme, and I color coordinated it with the logo from the current season.

Survivor Logo

PolishandPaws Survivor Nail Art

Items used: 

  • Painted Polish Midnight Mischief
  • Sally Hansen Crayola Carnation
  • Sally Hansen Crayola Dandelion 
  • Sally Hansen Crayola Sunset Orange
  • Zoya Sage
  • Painted Polish Stamped in Clay
  • Top Shelf Lacquer Shamrocked
  • MoYou London Explorer 25

PolishandPaws Survivor Nail Art PolishandPaws Survivor Nail Art

Have you ever watched Survivor? I really enjoyed this week and I’m pleased with all of my manis. Hope you liked my Survivor inspired nails. Don’t forget to check out the link up below to see what the other ladies did for today.

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Until next time, stay polished!

  • marciaf

    The detail on this manicure is amazing. It must have taken you forever to do it. Great design.

  • Wow!! Talk about some serious nail art! This is amazing!

  • You’ve nailed the colours and the design! There’s so much attention to detail here – you have incredible skills!

  • Tracey

    Absolutely loving this look, and the detail is amazing. Sadly I’ve not heard of this show!

  • Well thats the perfect mani for this show!

  • OMG!!! This is just amazing!! You nailed it perfectly!!!

  • Kristi Vasquez

    We watch Survivor & I had to show Jeff these nails. he said “woah! COOL!” 🙂 We binge watched the first season with my mom on Hulu last week.

  • I used to watch survivor a looooong time ago! Don’t remember much about it but I do love the pattern and colors you used for this mani!!

  • Jenalyn Pirosch

    I haven’t watched survivor in at least ten years, but man. You nailed this mani!