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Alchemy Lacquers Tridacna Maxima ~ Polish Pickup

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a great weekend. I got to spend all day Saturday playing with little puppies! A couple weeks ago someone left a box of puppies alone at the police station, they called the rescue group I volunteer with. They’ve been at the vet getting healthy, and Saturday was their first adoption event. It was a huge success, and all puppies will get great homes! Now onto my next love in life, nail polish! Polish Pickup is just around the corner, and this month Alchemy Lacquers is joining the fun. She is a smaller brand, but she has been making incredible polish for many years! Alchemy Lacquers Tridacna Maxima

From the all-knowing internet: The Tridacna Maxima Clam also goes by the common name of the giant clam but it’s really the small giant clam since the true giant clam is Tridacna gigas. The colors on this clam can be simply outrageous and extremely vibrant. Common mantle colors are blue, green, gold and turquoise with various mantle patterns. They are found all over the Indo-Pacific often in large congregations where there is high light penetration.

Alchemy Lacquers Tridacna Maxima
Alchemy Lacquers Tridacna Maxima

Tridacna Maxima is described as a royal blue jelly nail lacquer that contains multi-sized silver holographic glitter with a pink/orange/gold/green shimmer with a scattered linear holo. This applied beautifully with no issues. For my swatches I used 3 thin coats followed by glossy top coat.

Alchemy Lacquers Tridacna Maxima Alchemy Lacquers Tridacna Maxima Alchemy Lacquers Tridacna Maxima

Tridacna Maxima will only be available through The Polish Pickup Friday, February 7th at 11am EST through Monday, February 10th at 11:59pm EST. Tridacna Maxima will retail for $11.00 and is capped at 45 in the US and 5 in the UK.

Shipping is a flat rate of $3 for anywhere in the US and $5 for anywhere in Canada no matter how much you buy. For more information on The Polish Pickup check out their website, I also recommend joining their Facebook Group here to submit your theme ideas, vote for your favorite themes and purchase your favorites!

Alchemy Lacquers: Etsy shop ~ Facebook ~ Fan Group ~ Instagram

Until next time, stay polished!

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