Fighting depression with polish #fightforlightandlive


Today the nail polish community has come together to show their support for depression awareness. As we all know the world recently lost a great comedian, actor, and person to the fight of depression. But everyday the world loses others who go unnamed to this same disease. We all know depression exists, but none of us know what a beast it is until we are personally affected by it. And that’s what todays green mani’s are about for me.

One year ago my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. As you may or may not know depression and anxiety are highly linked with fibro. In the last year I have lost a lot. I have also learned a lot. I thought I understood depression until I found myself stuck in that very dark place. I turned to a lot of things for help, and polish was one of those. No matter how bleak the world looked I could look down at a pretty colorful mani and find a smile somewhere deep inside. On days I couldn’t even bring myself to do my nails I knew just how deep in that black hole I was.

Depression is nothing to make light of, its nothing to be judgemental of, it just is. Its a disorder, a disease, just like cancer or diabetes. It should be treated as seriously, and those suffering should be treated with the same respect.

So today this mani is for Robin Williams, his family, and the thousands of others who depression has affected. Today you are not invisible. Today you are understood. And we hope for a world in which everyday is that day.



Zoya Tilda, Zoya Stassi

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