Nail Polish Swatches · OPI

OPI ~ Push and Pur Pull

Today I have OPI’s Push and Pur Pull from the 2014 Neons Collection. I love a really dark ‘squishy’ purple, especially as a summer/fall transition color. I really do love this color, I fancied it up a bit with some accents, but its just as pretty without it.

But… (isn’t there always a but) I had a difficult time with the formula on this one. At first I tried it with a clear base and it was very quickly obvious that it really did NEED the white base. So I tried again with the white base, ready to be wowed, but it wasn’t so much of a wow afterall. I continued to have formula problems, it went on blotchy and streaky and I found it very difficult to get a smooth coat. I was convinced if I layered it up enough it would smooth out. I gave in at 4 coats, plus the white base coat. A polish requiring 5 coats would normally mean immediate banishment (come on, who really has time for that?) 
And while I’m still not super pleased with the lack of smooth even coverage, I do still love this color. I believe it has potential. So I will definitely be trying this one again, with lots of patience and a different technique. The color payoff is worth it. 
In summary I would consider this one, if you are prepared for a more difficult application than you are accustomed to with OPI. Afterall, just look at that deep squishy purple with so much potential. 
Again, the swatches below are 4 coats over a white base coat. OTD top coat.

OPI is 3-free and can be purchased at nail salons and beauty stores.