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Lacquer Queen Polish ~ Christmas Collection


Good afternoon everyone! Hope your monday is going well so far. If not, I have something to show you that just might cheer you up a bit.

I recently received the entire Christmas Collection from a new-ish indie brand. While I hadn’t known about this brand previously, the quality of these polishes are solid proof that Tammy knows what she’s doing! The quality of these surprised me a little actually, I would not hesitate to rank them right up there with some of the most well known makers!

Now onto the collection!

Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a silvery icey blue holo. This is 3 coats with no topcoat. The formula on this was so smooth and creamy. And the holo is perfect, you can see it in dim lighting but it really pops in full light. 

Chestnut’s Roasting

A beatiful light coppery taupe, very hard color to describe, but so very beautiful! Again the formula was very smooth and creamy, and applied like a dream. Swatches below are 3 coats, no topcoat.

Sugar Plums

This is one of my favorites. A perfect pale purple lavender that lives up to its name. Swatches below are 3 coats, no topcoat. And guess what.. another smooth creamy formula! Are we seeing a pattern here? 🙂

Oh Christmas Tree

A festive pine green that is sure to bring out your Christmas spirit! This one was a bit thicker than the rest, but a few drops of polish thinner and it was good to go. 3 coats with no topcoat. 

Santa’s Suit

Santa’s suit is a bright red that leans a little orange in bright light. I wore this one the longest and really enjoyed it the whole time, I just kept staring at my nails. The formula was creamy and easy to work with. 3 coats and no topcoat.

Blue Christmas

This polish is a soft blue leaning ever so slightly turquoise and looks exactly like you would imagine an icy cold Christmas. 3 perfectly smooth coats and no topcoat.

Holly Berries

And I saved my favorite for last! Holly Berries is a vibrant darkish pink that gives you the perfect break from your “typical” Christmas winter colors. We all need a little pink in our lives. 3 perfectly smooth coats, no topcoat.

Whoa!! That is one stunning collection. Every one is a beautiful, well pigmented, perfectly formulated, holographic beauty. I highly recommend trying this brand out, I rarely am so impressed with a Christmas collection, and a new-ish brand, as I am with this. My personal favorites are Holly Berrie’s and Sugar Plum, but I couldn’t pick a least favorite as I really do love them all.

A couple of notes, while I did 3 coats on all of these 2 would be plenty with most. I don’t topcoat holo’s until I know it won’t decrease the holo-ness we all so desire, but I do believe this collection would do fine with a good quality topcoat. 

So go check out Lacquer Queen Polish and Cosmetics (yes, she has lots more than just polish!)

Thanks for putting up with all my ohhhhing and ahhhhing with this one. But I sincerely hope this collection brought a smile to your face!

Stay Polished ~ Tiffany