Aveniro Crystal Glass Files

Good Morning ladies!
How many of you haven’t made the jump to glass nail files yet? This post is for you! A glass nail file is the difference between night and day with traditional emory boards. There is no over-filing or snagging an edge on that rough sand paper like surface. Do you hate having to file in one direction only? Tired of buying emory boards by the dozen because they wear down too fast or you just lose them completely? 

Glass nail files provide a consistent smooth surface. There is no snagging or splitting on your free edge regardless of how many different directions you file. Just wash your crystal glass file with soap and water occasionally and you’re all set again. Short of stepping on your file and breaking it, it’s lifespan can be indefinite.

Aveniro is a Czech manufacturer of glass nail files. Crystal nail files are unique due to the quality of abrasive surface and its unlimited lifespan. All crystal nail files are handmade and subjected to 100 % check-up. All Aveniro crystal files are finely etched, not over-lay. 

Manicure Tool

Aveniro has a wide variety of files, all with the same fine quality I experienced while testing them. They even have a great variety of ways to decorate your new crystal glass file. 

Foot File

I am admittedly a die hard glass file user, I keep one in every room. I will never go back to an ordinary nail file. Ready to make the leap? 

Aveniro Ltd.

B. Egermanna 471
47301 Nový Bor
Czech Republic

Until next time, stay polished!