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Doctor Who Nail Art ~ Pahlish Mad Man with a Box

Hello my fellow polishaholics! 
Anyone else a Doctor Who fan? I sure am! *waves hands wildly* I’m also a polish fan, as well as a Pahlish fan, so when these things go together I get stupid excited! If there were a dog on the bottle I could die a happy girl. 😂 But anyway… Let’s take a look at Pahlish Mad Man with a Box.

There is so much depth to this polish, it is crazy beautiful! Pahlish has a number of Doctor Who themed polishes, and I’m attempting to locate the last few that I don’t have. 

Now let’s look at some stamping, Doctor Who Stamping of course!

Now I know all the Doctor Who fans will want to know where to find these stamping plates.

You have a couple of options:

Here is an indie plate maker, you can count on great quality, and she has a number of different Doctor Who plates ~ 

Knock off plates from EBay. If you’re not in a hurry and have a lower budget these plates from China are an option. They are only sold in a set of 4, 2 of which have Doctor Who images ~ 

If you know of any other DW plates please leave me a comment so I can update this. 

This particular polish is no longer available, but Pahlish always has amazing polish! Are you a Doctor Who fan? 

Until next time, stay polished!