Press Release: Black Dahlia Lacquer to launch Spring Collection on May 6

Independent nail polish company Black Dahlia Lacquer will debut its 10-polish spring collection titled the Dash of Neon Collection on Friday, May 6 at 5 pm CST.  The Dash of Neon Collection features five neon jelly holos, a full coverage glitter polish, two glitter crellies, a scattered holo crelly and a crelly that features rainbow flakies. Once launched the collection will be available at www.blackdahlialacquer.com, and added to the Etsy store in the coming weeks.

A look at the Dash of Neon Collection:

  • Watermelon Patch: A neon watermelon pink jelly holo
  • Tangerine Blossoms: A muted neon yellow-orange jelly holo
  • Cactus Flower: A neon Shamrock green jelly holo
  • Lavender Bellflowers: A neon Iris purple jelly holo
  • Blue Celosia: A neon turquoise jelly holo
  • Rose Bud: A light fossil grey crelly packed with bright red, neon pink, neon violet, green, tangerine, yellow, neon blue, gold and white flakies
  • Peach Crocuses: A pink-leaning peach crelly packed with holo light and dark gold micro glitter, neon lemon micro glitter, and glass flecks that shift from gold to aqua to green, finishing with a scattered holo finish.
  • Purple China Aster: A bright plum crelly featuring matte red, bright orange, neon blue and neon pink glitter hexes of varying sizes, with an accent of large lavender dots
  • Blue Spirea: A full coverage glitter polish featuring holo neon blue, turquoise, navy and sea green glitter, with an accent of matte aqua hexes in a clear base
  • Wargrave Geraniums: A current red crelly with a hint of magenta, loaded with navy, light blue, aqua and violet holo glitter with a touch of holo neon lemon glitter

Polishes can be purchased at www.blackdahlialacquer.com. Black Dahlia Lacquer polish is also available at more than two dozen retail stores and Web sites. To find the closest retailer, click the “stockists” link at the top of our main Web site. Most polishes will cost $6.75 for the 8 ml version and $10.75 for the 14 ml full size. Rose Bud, Purple China Aster, Blue Spirea and Wargrave Geraniums will cost $6 for the smaller size and $9.50 for the full size version.

All Black Dahlia Lacquer polish is mixed by hand in small batches and has undergone rigorous testing prior to release. The company is owned by Deanna Morey, a former writer, and her daughter Aubrey Sheffield, a college student.