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LynB Designs Saccharin Breeze ~ February Polish Pickup

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time for another Polish Pickup. January has gone by so fast, yet also has kind of dragged by. The time waiting for the previous PPU order always drags by, mostly because I am just soooo eager for my 12 new polishes from last month. Wasn’t the Crystals and Gemstones theme just so awesome or what! In all honesty though I want to say this.. even though you may not always feel immediately excited about the monthly theme that is chosen, just trust the makers with their inspiration. The indie community is full of amazingly talented makers and they will create beauty regardless of what inspiration they start with. Now with that being said let’s take a look at LynB Designs contribution, Saccharin Breeze which was inspired by the Sweet n Low packets. How fun is that, right!

LynB Designs Saccharin Breeze

If you have not participated in the Polish Pickup yet let me tell you a bit more about it. The polish pickup is a great solution to the issue of polish boxes where you only want 2-3 of the polishes but you have to buy all 5+ anyway. It is designed around one centralized theme for each month and consists of well over 60 brands who all create their own custom polishes around that theme. Then you get to put together your own “box” by choosing just the polishes you want! It’s a great way to try new brands too. There is no minimum so you can buy as few or as many as you’d like. Some months I buy just a single polish and other months I buy 12, and it’s just a low $3 shipping either way!

LynB Designs Saccharin Breeze

Saccharin Breeze is described as a bright watermelon jelly base loaded with pink to purple to blue shimmer, blue glass flecks, and copper colored micro Holo glitters.

Sweet n Low Inspiration
Inspiration Photo

LynB Designs Saccharin Breeze LynB Designs Saccharin Breeze

This applied beautifully in 3 thin coats. If you have shorter nails or a less opaque free edge you can probably get away with 2 coats. The flakies are well dispersed and layed flat effortlessly. Each coat was dry within 60 seconds and ready for the next layer. I finished it off with glossy top coat, but check below for swatches with it matte-i-fide!

LynB Designs Saccharin Breeze LynB Designs Saccharin Breeze

Matte Top Coat
The matte top coat really brings the glass flecks to life. And the matte macro shows far more detail than I was able to capture with the glossy finish. I really love everything about it matte!

LynB Designs Saccharin Breeze
with Matte Top Coat
LynB Designs Saccharin Breeze
with Matte Top Coat

Nail Art
Of course I had to do a little sweet nail art over this shade. For my stamping I used the following plates; BM-507, UC Love & Marriage 02, and UC 9-03.

LynB Designs Saccharin Breeze

Saccharin Breezewill only be available through The Polish Pickup,  Friday, February 2nd at 11am EST through Monday, February 5th at 11:59pm EST. It will retail for $12.00 and there will be no cap this month.

US shipping is a flat rate of $3 no matter how many polishes you buy. For more information on The Polish Pickup check out their website or their Facebook Group here.

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Until next time, stay polished!

  • Tracey

    I’m very impatient when it comes to nail mail! This is a truly stunning pink ♡

  • Lacky Corner

    Bright and gorgeous!

  • That’s a mighty vibrant pink! It perfectly represents the sweet n low packet.

  • Wowzers!!! Your swatches are so damn good. I wish I could get mine half that awesome.

  • Pink nails are my weakness. I think this polish is beautiful.