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The Digit-al Dozen January Birthday Mani

Hi ladies! Can you believe January is almost over? We’re still enjoying a slight warm up here, we’re averaging about 50ish degrees. Don’t get me wrong I’m still counting the days till Spring, but in the meantime I can’t really complain. But the end of January means it’s time for another birthday mani for the Digital Dozen. The birthdays this month were Courtney and Brethil, and they chose this lovely green and white image. It reminds me of cactus. Let’s take a look…

The Digital Dozen January Birthday mani

Now to be completely honest I’m not really happy with how this turned out, but I decided to post it anyway on the chance that I’m being too critical of myself. Afterall, we are our own worst critics.

The Digital Dozen January Birthday mani

Items used:

  • LynB Designs B Smooth Basecoat
  • KBShimmer Eyes White Open
  • Painted Polish Stamped in Olive
  • Painted Polish Stamped in Greenery
  • Cici & Sisi Plate #13
  • Clear Jelly Stamper
  • Dotting Tool
  • Glam Polish Matte Topcoat

I went with 2 shades of green for the stamping as I wanted to recreate the mottled look in the inspirational picture. I then just added some white dots over the stamping, and finished it off with a matte top coat.

The Digital Dozen January Birthday mani The Digital Dozen January Birthday mani

So there you have it. I hope you all like it okay. Maybe it will grow on me. 🙂

Wishing Courtney and Brethil a very Happy Birthday!

Hope you enjoyed this look. I already have one of my February themed manis done and will have those to share coming up in a couple weeks. If you haven’t seen all the glitter manis from January definitely hop on over to IG and check those out. You can follow The Digital Dozen here on Instagram. You can check out the other birthday manis below.

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Until next time, stay polished!

  • Tracey

    Absolutely stunning and I too am counting the days to warmer weather! X

  • Lacky Corner

    I think it looks amazing!

  • Ehmkay Nails

    You’re nuts. I loooove how it came out!

  • I think it’s so pretty! 50s you say? I was roasting today as it almost hit 90 here. I’m not amused. lol

  • this is very 50s

  • I agree with Michelle! You are nuts, lol! These are fantastic!!!! I ooooh’d over them at first sight!

  • So pretty! They definitely look like succulents!

  • Yes – we definitely are our own worst critic! Same for me with this one too, BTW. 😉 But – from my perspective, I really think you did a cool thing here. It picks up on the theme, but also looks like a fancy water marble!