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LynB Designs Heliodor ~ November POTM

It’s time for another POTM (Polish of the Month) from LynB Designs. Throughout this year Jenna has tried to incorporate some of the lesser known birthstones, and we see in November that she has done it again. While most of us think of the Citrine or the Topaz for the November birthstone, the Heliodor is a lesser known one while being equally beautiful. Let’s find out more about the Heliodor…

LynB Designs Heliodor

Heliodor is a gem that is associated with the astroligical sign of Leo. It’s name comes from the Greek words for sun, “helios”, and gift, “doron”, thus Heliodor can be translated as “gift of the sun”. It is said that the Heliodor can increase self-confidence and self-belief. It is also claimed that meditating with the stone can awaken one’s ‘inner flame’, thus enabling one to find their self worth and their place in the grand scheme of things.

LynB Designs Heliodor
LynB Designs Heliodor

Heliodor is described as a pale yellow flaky base with linear holo and micro holo flakies. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, yellow is a hard color for me to wear, but I just love this one! It’s soft and sparkly, and despite it being November, it makes me think of summer and fresh squeezed lemonade. This beauty would definitely help keep the winter blues away. 

LynB Designs Heliodor

This had a flawless formula that applied easily and smoothly. It dries down in above average time. I used 3 thin coats for my swatches, followed by a glossy top coat.

LynB Designs Heliodor LynB Designs Heliodor

Heliodor will be available beginning Friday, October 26th at 12 Noon EST. It will retail for $10. Any yellow polish lovers will likely love the beauty of this and of course all the November babies definitely will! Hope you enjoyed todays post, and have a fabulous weekend!

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Until next time, stay polished!